Common Hebrew Words and Phrases
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July 2014
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Getting Around
English Hebrew
 Where is ...?  Eifoh ...?
 When  Matai
 Why  Lamah
 I’m going to…(male/female)  Ani nose’a l’…/Ani nosa’at l’…
 There is ...  Yesh
 There is no ...  Ain
 Do you know where ... is? (female/male)  Ata yodea/aht yoda’at eifoh nimtza…
 Wait/Just a moment  Rega
 Restaurant  Mis'adah
 Bathroom (services)  Sherutim
 Post Office (mail)  Do'ar
 Street  Rechov
 Boulevard  Sderot
 Market  Shuk
 Museum  Muzion
 Synagogue  Beit Knesset
 Church  Knaissia
 Central bus station  Tachana merkazit
 Taxi  Monit
 (regular, taxi)
 Taxi  Sherut
 (shared taxi, like a mini-van)
 Automobile  Mekchonit
 Train  Rakevet
 Bus  Otoboos
 Hotel  Malon
 Hostel  Akhsaniya
 Room  Cheder
 University  Universita
 Beach  Chof
 Grocery store  Makolet
 What is this?  Mah zeh?
 Food  Ochel
 Hour, time  Sha'a
 Day  Yom
 Week  Shavuah
 Month  Chodesh
 Year  Shanah
 Today  Ha'yom
 Yesterday  Etmol
 Tomorrow  Machar
 What time is it?  Ma hasha'a
 Right  Yamin
 Left  Smol
 Straight  Yashar
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English Hebrew
 Do you speak English? (female/male)  Yesh lekcha/lakch…?
 I don’t speak Hebrew (female/male)  Kama zeh oleh?
 Police  Ani rotzeh/rotzah ...
 Doctor  Ani lo rotzeh/rotzah
 Hospital  Kesef
 Passport  Odef
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English Hebrew
 One  Achat
 Two  Shtayim
 Three  Shalosh
 Four  Arbah
 Five  Chamesh
 Six  Shesh
 Seven  Shevah
 Eight  Shmoneh
 Nine  Taysha
 Ten  Eser
 Eleven  Achat Esrey
 Twelve  Shtem Esrey
 Thirteen  Shlosh Esrey
 Fourteen  Arbah Esrey
 Fifteen  Chamesh Esrey
 Sixteen  Shesh Esrey
 Seventeen  Shva Esrey
 Eighteen  Shmoneh Esrey
 Nineteen  T'sha Esrey
 Twenty  Esreem
 Twenty-one  Esreem v'achat
 Twenty-two  Esreem v'shtayim
 Thirty  Shloshim
 Forty  Arbaim
 Fifty  Chamishim
 Sixty  Sheesheem
 Seventy  Shivim
 Eighty  Shmoneem
 Ninety  Teesheem
 One hundred  Meah
 Two hundred  Mataim
 Three hundred  Shlosh meot
 Four hundred  Arbah meot
 Five hundred  Chamesh meot
 Six hundred  Shesh meot
 Seven hundred  Shva meot
 Eight hundred  Shmoneh meot
 Nine hundred  Tsha meot
 One thousand  Elef
 Two thousand  Alpayeem
 Three thousand  Shloshet alafim
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Days of the Week
English Hebrew
 Sunday  Yom Rishon
 Monday  Yom Shenee
 Tuesday  Yom Shlishee
 Wednesday  Yom Revi'i
 Thursday  Yom Chamishi
 Friday  Yom Shishi
 Saturday (Sabbath)  Yom Shabbat
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English Hebrew
 Autumn  Stav
 Winter  Choref
 Spring  Aviv
 Summer  Kayeetz
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Greetings and Courtesies
English Hebrew
 Hello, good-bye or peace Shalom
 Good morning  Boker tov
 Good evening  Erev tov
 See you soon  L’hitra’ot
 What’s up?  Ma nishma
 Yes  Ken
 No  Lo
 Thank you  Todah
 Excuse me/I’m sorry  Slicha
 Please/You’re welcome  Bevakasha
 What is your name? (male/female)  Eich korim lecha/lach?
 My name is…  Shmi
 How are you? (male/female)  Ma shlomcha/shlomech?
 Fine, OK  B’seder
 Not good  Lo tov
 Excellent  Metzuyan
 I'm tired (male/female)  Ani ayef/ayefa
 Student (male/female)  Talmid/Talmida
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Shopping & Dining
English Hebrew
 Do you have…(male/female)  Yesh lekcha/lakch…?
 How much?  Kama zeh oleh?
 I want…(male/female)  Ani rotzeh/rotzah ...
 I don’t want…(male/female)  Ani lo rotzeh/rotzah
 Money  Kesef
 Change (literally, “leftovers”)  Odef
 Waiter/waitress  Meltzar/meltzarit
 Water  Mayim
 Coffee  Kafeh
 Tea  Tay
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