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  Community Relations Commmittee of Greater MetroWest NJ
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Write on For Israel

Write on For Israel

Applications are now being accepted for Write On For Israel, an intensive and exciting two-year program to train a select group of high school juniors to become advocates for Israel.
  • Application deadline extended for Greater MetroWest students
  • Click here to learn more.

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Campaign For Truth
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Stop IranStop Iran
Join efforts to stop Iran's aggressive pursuit of nuclear weapons, sponsor of terrorism, and poor human rights record. learn more


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NJ Coalition Against Human TraffickingNJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking

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Volunteer Volunteer Opportunities
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For more information on volunteering with the Community Relations Committee, contact:
Melanie Gorelick

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Gordon Haas

CRC: Advocacy in Action

A blog by Gordon Haas, CRC Chair, Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ

Countering Divestment of Israel — A CRC Priority and Challenge

Countering divestment of Israel, especially among the mainline Protestant churches, is a priority of the Community Relations Committee. Over the past eight years, there has been a small but powerful element within these church’s policy groups that has been escalating BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) efforts.

Unfortunately, this year, they had their first success within the Presbyterian Church (USA) at its biennial General Assembly, where a series of BDS resolutions passed. We are saddened and disappointed by this decision and are concerned about the domino affect with other mainline churches, such as the Episcopal and Lutheran denominations.  >>read more

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View the CRC news archive.

Federation Supports Israel’s Operation Protective Edge

The CRC supports Israel’s Operation Protective Edge to stop the 2,000 rocket attacks by Hamas against Israeli civilians and Israel’s ground invasion to wipe out tunnels used for terrorism. We mourn the loss of life whether it is Israeli or Palestinian and call on Hamas to stop using civilians to protect its missiles. We hope for a swift and successful end to the operation so that peace will prevail for Israel.

Federation Statement
Israel Solidarity Rally
Media Coverage
CRC Fact Sheet on Operation Protective Edge

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Melanie Roth Gorelick

Making women’s rights a global priority

New Jersey Jewish News (5/14/14)

On April 15, 250 Nigerian girls were abducted from their boarding school and forced into slavery by a terrorist group whose very name — Boko Haram — means “Education is Forbidden.” Although initial reports of the kidnappings appeared in The New York Times and other outlets, it took several weeks for the heinous crime to receive international attention. In a May 3 column, Times columnist Nicholas Kristof lamented the lack of awareness of the tragedy, saying he was “offended by the contrast between the global media focus on the missing [Malaysian] flight and the uninterest in the even greater number of missing schoolgirls in Nigeria.” >>more
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Visit our Action Alert Archive to read previous alerts.
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Jewish Federations of North America

Domestic Legislative Priorities

The CRC regularly engages with elected officials at all levels to advocate insupport of the domestic legislative agenda of the Jewish Federations of North America. >>LEARN MORE

How to Contact Your Elected Official

Contact your State or Federal elected official.
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Community Relations Committee of Greater MetroWest NJ (CRC) is the public policy and advocacy arm of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ. >>MORE
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