SpeakEZ: April 2014. Helen transformed darkness into light
April 2014

Making an Impact

Shining Light into Darkness

Through the Holocaust Council Twin-With-a-Survivor program, I had the great privilege and fortune to be paired with Helen Paktor…I have been blessed to see meaning and great significance in her response to this historic tragedy. read more

An Extraordinary Moment of Release

One of the greatest misconceptions people have about chaplains is that they only come to hospitals and only do ”God talk.” The truth is that chaplains visit with people in hospitals, homes, rehab facilities, community centers, and more, and walk with them in their journeys.

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A New Home Will Make All the Difference for JCC MetroWest Special Needs Services

“I didn’t have friends but now I do.” Perhaps these words from a member of the JCC’s special needs community best sum up the warm and friendly environment at JCC MetroWest Special Needs Services.

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The Beauty of Diversity in Judaism

Some of the most interesting exchanges took place on the bus or over meals, as Jewish clergy from all our diverse streams shared stories of how we deal with the joys and burdens of serving the Jewish community.

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