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JESPY House, Inc.
102 Prospect Street
South Orange, NJ 07079
Phone: 973/762-6909
Fax: 973/762-5610
Contact: Lynn Kucher, Executive Director, Barry Knopf, President
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JESPY House operates on two principles. The first is that learning disabilities are merely obstacles, not barriers. The second is that with help and support, learning-disabled people can and do lead productive lives.

Learning disabilities affect people at all levels of intelligence. Regardless of intelligence, people with learning disabilities tend to experience similar kinds of problems. They find it difficult to concentrate or manage time efficiently. They are challenged by ordinary social skills. They are likely to struggle with reading or math. They have a hard time remembering things or keeping items of information in correct or necessary order.

JESPY has a large staff of counselors who work individually with clients in three main skill-areas: independent living, job-hunting and employment, and social relations and recreation.

The staff carefully ascertains the specific interests and abilities of each client to find the best possible job for him or her.

Most clients, about 90 percent, have real career positions. Some work in the service sector as messengers, clerks, custodians, housekeepers, food-service workers, retail workers, or care-givers.

Participation in JESPY is open to learning-disabled individuals of any faith or race, provided they are between 18 and 45, and capable of living independently and working competitively. There are currently about 160 people in the program. Of these, 140 live independently, and the rest share apartments in JESPY’s residential building.

All JESPY facilities observe kosher standards with weekly Shabbat dinners.

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